Air Audit Inc. Services

Air Audit Inc
. offers a wide range of  Testing , Adjusting and Balancing to serve
the commercial and industrial sectors. We offer services in the following disciplines--


Air Balancing

-constant volume air handler from 50 CFM to  150,000 CFM +
-variable air volume systems, whether they are pneumatic or DDC
-dual duct systems
-fume hoods
-kitchen exhaust systems
-general exhaust systems
-make up air systems
-fan powered boxes
-by-pass boxes
-induction systems
-VVT systems
-clean rooms
-hospital facilities
-pharmaceutical facilities
-containment facilities
-dust collectors
-heat recovery systems
-fan drive and motor replacements
-drying ovens
-special applications

Air Balancing


Water Balancing

-pump test on all pumps, impeller trimming
-chilled water systems plus chiller        performance tests
-hot water systems plus boiler performance tests
-heat pump loops plus heat pump performance testing
-glycol systems
-cooling towers
-process cooling systems, injection molding etc.
-polysonic flow reading on pipes up to 48" in diameter
-special applications

Water Balancing



Air Surveys

-should you require an audit to determine plant exhaust and or make up air flow-

Water Surveys

-should you require an audit to determine system performance-

Sound Level Testing

-DBA readings to full octave band analyzing

Duct Pressure Testing

-leakage rates established, system performance test during the construction stages up to 10" W.C.

Sound Level Testing


Certificate of Conformance

As a NEBB Certified balancing contractor we can offer a

Certificate of Conformance which is part of NEBB's quality assurance
program assuring the client that the work will be performed in
accordance with NEBB’s stringent Procedural Standards.

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